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Moved The kiss

hello my readers I’m officially moving the kiss to Wattpad, I’ve added alot of good content there ….. So please go check it out follow, comment and vote


The kiss 😘

chapter 2: New beginnings part 6

Judy couldn’t believe Meghan’s overreaction at the café on her way home, a cute guy had just approached her but she acted like a chicken and was very rude to him “oh well that’s her loss” she says out loud while fumbling for her keys in her bag. She unlocks the door to her apartment and was just about to step in when she felt two strong arms wrapped around her waist “whose loss?” a voice asks next to her ear and softly kisses her neck, Judy turned smiling and kissed him “let’s get inside before anyone spots you” she said taking a hold of his hand leading him inside her apartment and as soon as he closed the door behind him and removed the cap he had on he said “you look so beautiful baby” and pulled Judy in for another kiss which lead to trailing kisses from her jaw to her neck, to the swell of her breast “not so fast baby” and pulls away from him “I’ve decided to have a little in door date for us tonight, so first up is a movie of your choice and I will make us some dinner”. He laughed hard when she ran away from him and ran his hand through his hair which was a normal habit of his “okay my lady” he said in defeat.

Zayn was in black jeans with a beautiful blue shirt and black boots, he looked hot as he usually does. He watched as his girlfriend disappeared to the bedroom so he sat at the small lounge area getting himself comfortable “so what’s for dinner?”, Judy walks out of the bedroom in tiny shorts and a loose shirt “spaghetti and meatballs and some vanilla cake for dessert”  “hmm you know me so well baby” he said smiling from the couch “of course I do dummy” and disappeared to the little kitchen area to begin with her cooking. Zayn decided to watch TV to kill time and that’s when he saw the news of Meghan Stocke and Jessy Silvester, a lot of female students were supporting Meghan and said a lot of good things about her and in the end it was concluded it was just a misunderstanding between the two girls. Zayn changed to another channel and watched cartoons for the rest of the afternoon while Judy performed her magic in the kitchen.

Meghan was staring at her reflection in the mirror, her cheeks were flushed because of what happened earlier between her and Jon, and she blames herself for reacting that way when he looked at her like that, she was should’ve got mad at him, he’s the one who created this whole situation then she started to wonder if they like each other as everybody says, thinking about it didn’t bother her at all. Jon is the only boy in her life and if she’s going to fall in love she prefers him than a stranger, she decided to let today’s incident go or her mind is going to explode from over thinking so she changed into her sleeping shorts and shirt. She had to remove her bra which she hoped doesn’t bother Jon or make things superbly awkward, she already felt weird and exposed being stared at by Jon but she didn’t want to jump to conclusions so early, this was Jon she was thinking about ‘her best friend of eleven years’ it shouldn’t be this awkward for them, they have swam together and seen each other grow. Jon was first to know when she got her periods and she shouldn’t have overreacted and got crazy thoughts in her head. She smacks her head to knock some sense into her brain and exhales loudly and walks out the bathroom.

Jon was looking straight at her and immediately looked down, she swallowed hard and walked towards him “you look so messy”, “Meghan I’m__” she cuts him off “you are my best friend so you spilling soda on me isn’t a big deal, we were all clumsy” she said and smiled. She walks past him to her closet and grabs a black shirt and throws it at him “change into this, it might be a little tight considering how well built you are now”. Jon removes his wet shirt and puts on the one Meghan handed him “it’s my size! I mean it’s not so tight” he said. Meghan’s cheeks were flushed after seeing Jon shirtless in front of her “__uh I bought it for you back then” “thanks, so firstly I just wanted to let you know that my dad’s business is going super well now and now he has five branches all over the country”, “wow no wonder the change in the way you look and dress, you are a rich boy now” she says excited. “Oh well sort of but not worry I’m still Jon the nerd, only that I’m a hot nerd now” Meghan smiles “lets drink to your new fat wallet!” and grabs two soda cans from the plastic, hands one to Jon and they cheer to his new reality, “so what do you want to watch?” he asks taking Meghan’s laptop from her bedside table.

The next chapter is going to have super dirty scenes…….sorry in advance for killing your innocence and I’m super sorry for making you wait…..

The kiss😘

chapter 2:new beginnings Part 5

When Dylan entered the suite, he couldn’t spot Jessy anywhere, he walked and looked around and to his surprise the suite was very beautiful that it took his breath away. The suite had a big bedroom and bathroom fit for a king, it also had a small dining area and just when he thought it couldn’t get any better he stepped out to see they also had a private pool and that’s when he saw Jessy swimming graciously like a mermaid in the pool. She didn’t notice him so he watched her swim for five minutes, his mind preparing on how he’s going to start of this date. He didn’t notice when Jessy got out of the pool, next thing he knew she was already making her way to him. She was looking gorgeous in the little red bathing suit she had on and his jaw dropped, she was a stunning girl and he couldn’t help the smile of admiration that crept on his face. “Hello to you too Mister rock star” she said smiling back at him, she was standing so close to him now, he could even smell her faint perfume. He didn’t know what to say, he just handed her a towel to dry herself which he picked along the way when he spotted her swimming “thank you”, she said accepting the towel from him “you are a great swimmer, I’m impressed “ he complimented her. “I had swimming classes since I was 7, that’s why I’m so good at it”, “you should give me lessons then” she smiles at him and starts drying her hair.

“You came late on our first date rock star” she says after drying her hair, Dylan smiles awkwardly because he didn’t think she would complain, he thought he beat her to the suite but it turned out she was way earlier than him, “I’m sorry, I was stuck somewhere” he apologizes sincerely. “That’s okay, how about you go change into some shorts and come relax with me at the pool”, Dylan looks at her in shock because he didn’t carry anything besides his wallet, shades and phone. Jessy noticed his puzzled look “not to worry, your manager has brought in a bag with some of your clothes and toiletries” “okay then I’m going to change” with that he turned and left to the room, he changed into a beach shirt and shorts and flip flops. He joined her outside and found her sun bathing, looking gorgeous and admired her but she didn’t bother reacting to his presence, he sat next to her and pulled out his phone, but before he switched the screen on, he was debating whether he should say something but he decided to stick to the silence.

Dylan sipped on a glass of orange juice while scrolling through his phone, Jessy had gone back to swimming again and Dylan slides his sun glasses down looking at Jessy swimming. They had their lunch ten minutes ago and Dylan was a little disappointed because his date is not going as he expected, Jessy barely paid attention to him or talked to him. He was starting to think maybe she wasn’t interested in him and that was nothing new to him every girl he has dated so far either dated him for his looks, money and fame but in Jessy’s case he thought it would be different because she was already famous and rich but his situation right now was proving him so wrong. His phone beeps drawing his attention from Jessy. “Silvester daughter head to head with Stocke’s daughter” he read the title of the article and scrolled through the gossip news and even found a picture of the Stocke’s daughter and he couldn’t believe it was the same girl he met at the café. He sat up straight and threw off his glasses quickly, luckily for him they landed on Jessy’s chair because they were really expensive, “she’s not only stubborn but rich too” he said out loud. He continued reading the gossip and found the video and listened to the exchange of words between the two girls “she has more courage than I thought” “who’s that?” Jessy asked behind him, he places his phone down.

That explains why Jessy was so zoned out, he was wondering why she didn’t bother to tell him and why the hell did she expose their relationship on a livestream? “For starters why did you tell the press about us? I didn’t even notify my label about my new relationship, but you went out there and told the whole world about us”. She blinks at him in shock, she pissed of Dylan on their first official date and by the way he’s fuming she might be single after today “I’m sorry Dylan, I didn’t do that intentionally, my friends revealed the whole thing” he looked at her in disbelief but there was nothing he could do now. Jessy saw the doubt in his eyes and she was ready to do anything and not look like a total fool if Dylan was to deny their relationship, she takes a step closer to him and hugs him. Dylan was taken aback by her actions and then he heard her say “I’m sorry, I will be more careful from now on, I swear” she said apologetically, Dylan instantly calmed down and agreed it was no use to get angry at her now, what was most surprising was that the company haven’t called or demanded an explanation for the sudden scandal. “I’m not angry anymore Jessy, so don’t worry” he said hugging her back, it was their first hug and the little swim wear she had on was not making the situation better for him because he could feel the warmth of her breast on his chest. His innocent hug turned into a lustful hug, he didn’t care that she was wet, he just couldn’t let go of her but eventually they pulled apart and Jessy smiled at him “trying to seduce me rock star?” she asked picking up a towel to dry herself off.

“I should be asking you that, when you look that good” he said looking at her breast with no shame in his eyes, Dylan couldn’t help himself, he was highly attracted to her and the way she hugged him minutes ago put him in a completely new mood. Dylan had to keep himself in check, he didn’t like it when his lust takes control of him and he really wants to keep his first date a cool date and not ruin it for both of them “you better cover up or you can’t blame for what happens next” he said. Jessy giggled “it’s a shame the heat is unbearable today” she said teasing him and walked past him to enter the suite and that’s when Dylan got a hold of her arm and pulled her to him which landed her manicured nails on his perfect built chest. “You don’t mind if I could get a kiss as your punishment for your mistake today right?” before she could respond he was kissing her already and in the process he threw off her towel and pulled her closer to him, she didn’t resist but opened up to him and their kiss got more intense, looks like he wasn’t the only one waiting for this moment.

I’m sorry for posting late guys…..I hope you like this chapter…..let me know on what you think about Jessy.

The Kiss😘

Chapter 2: New beginnings

Part 4

After drinking his juice he was ready to go. “Let me grab my shades,mask and phone” and rushed upstairs, he also added his wallet. He came down and found Jackson at the door “lets go rock star”. Dylan and Jack leave the building and meet up with up with the body guards.

Dylan was not surprised to see the press at the hotel, he was starting to regret coming here. He knew she was only dating him for benefits but somewhere in his mind he still had hope that his relationship might work out. He wasn’t sure if she arrived before him, whether she did or not it didn’t bother him. He put on his sunglasses and stepped out of the car. Jackson had the bodyguards heavily surrounding him, pushing through the crowd. Dylan entered the hotel and was escorted by Jackson and some of his bodyguards to the suite. Dylan removed his glasses and turned to look at Jackson “I have a bad feeling about this” he said. “Well it’s not like it’s your fist time meeting Dylan”, “I know but, the suite is too much, it gives off the wrong image. I don’t want her to think that I’m here to sleep with her’’. Jackson sighs “it’s fine if you don’t want that, then don’t do it, just spend the afternoon then you can leave and besides the press doesn’t know if you are here to meet someone at all so you are safe on that part”. Dylan smiles at him ‘’ I’m surprised, you have everything sorted out”

Jackson smiles back “you should stop underestimating me, I’m good at this. Stop worrying, get in there and have fun” Dylan nods and enters the suite.

Meghan got home to find her parents gone. “Madam your mother said they will be back for dinner”, Meghan nods “thank you, I will be in my room until they come back” “sure madam”. Silvia bows and goes to the kitchen while Meghan heads up the stairs to her room.

The Stocke’s live in a three story mansion, with a rooftop swimming pool, a library, big dining area, gym area, a little theatre, five master bedrooms with bathrooms and the décor is breath taking. They also have a very beautiful garden with beautiful stones and water fountains. The garden is Meghan’s sanctuary, she loves being there so her father built her a painting studio. She spends most of her weekends there painting her boredom away. Their mansion is located in luxury hill where super rich people live and the closest neighbour is two miles away from them and luxury hill is fifteen miles from town.  

She enters her room which is decorated in white and green and throws herself on her queen bed and closed her eyes. Her mind taking her where she didn’t want to be. He sat there smiling at her, she was too stunned to talk. Why would such a handsome guy smile at her or even acknowledge her existence? She felt stupid for being such an idiot and let him catch her staring. That guy definitely knew how beautiful he was and she bet he was used to girls drooling and throwing themselves at him. But why should she care? She doesn’t know him and hopes to never see him again. Her phone vibrates knocking her out from her thoughts. It was Jon calling her “yes Jon” “I’m on my way to your house meet me down stairs in five minutes” and hung up. Meghan gets up in shock gets in her slippers and rushes down stairs. Checking her time it was 3:30 pm and what was running through her mind now was that Jon is on his way here and her heart was racing at the thought of him coming to see her. The doorbell rings and Silvia rushes from the kitchen but finds Meghan at the door “don’t worry I’ll get it”. Silvia nods and leaves. Meghan opens the door for Jon, he smiles at her and she notice him carrying a plastic bag “I came with snacks” he says, she moves aside and invites him in. “why do you have that look, did I come at a bad time?” he asks. Meghan couldn’t stop looking at him, he looked so good and her heart was beating so fast.

“No, I’m just surprised” she says and smiles at him. “Oh well ta-da” he said placing his phone in his front pocket. “Let’s go up to my room” she says and closed the front door. They go up to her room and sets the plastic at her bedside table. “You still look like you just saw a ghost” Jon says as he sits on her bed. “I’m fine and I’m so glad you came dummy” she replies while grabbing a soda from the bag he brought. “I have something to tell you”. Meghan opens the soda to take a sip “you just got back, so I hope its good news”. “Not to worry its splendid news …honey to your tiny ears” he teases. “Come here” he says and pulls her to him, Meghan got startled and spill soda over them and falls on him. The soda can goes rolling spilling the rest of the soda on her beautiful white fur mat. “Oops” he says. Now they were all wet and Meghan’s shirt was heavily stained and stuck to her chest. Her white shirt was now wet and see through exposing her full breast in a lace bra. Jon didn’t mean to look but he clearly saw her cleavage. Things got awkward in a matter of seconds, Meghan caught him staring and they all got embarrassed at the situation.

Jon rolls her over placing her gently on the bed and stood up “I’m sorry I didn’t know you had soda on you”, Meghan sits covering her exposed chest with her jacket. “It is okay” she replies quietly. Jon takes a step back and slips on the wet mat landing straight on Meghan knocking the air out of her lungs. Their eyes locked on each other’s faces, their lips inches apart and their hearts racing wildly. Meghan forgot how to breathe and her mind stop working. She wanted him to kiss her, she wanted him to be her first kiss right there but Jon immediately breaks off the contact and stands up. What the hell is going on? His mind wonders. Now the situation is worst then before. Meghan’s cheeks turn red as a tomato. She stands up “I’m going to change” and rushes off into the bathroom.

    Are Meghan and Jon only meant to be friends or there has always been chemistry between the two? Do you think Jessy and Dylan will establish a genuine relationship?

Huge apology

It’s been months since I updated….I’ve been busy with school and we don’t have holidays because of COVID-19 we were so behind so I had to catch up that’s why I never got time to update. But I’m a little free for now so I will update starting this weekend 🎉🎉🎉. I will update every weekend from now on …..on the lucky days you will get two updates in one weekend 🙂. Sorry again 😔

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Family day. This is the time of the year were we come together and celebrate with our loved ones. I’m sorry I couldn’t update but I will soon. I WISH YOU SUPER LUCK AND JOY. HAVE THE STRENGTH TO FACE EVERYTHING THAT MAY COME AND HOPE FOR YOU TO GET AWESOME OPPORTUNITIES IN THE YEAR 2021.

Thank you for the love and support in 2020. I hope our little Family will grow more in 2021.

💜💜💜 ~Lixa

The Kiss 😘

Chapter 2: New beginnings

Part 3

Dylan got down the stairs, his hair was still wet from the shower. He dressed in Black skinny jeans, purple Gucci shirt and black boots. “You don’t look excited for your date” “well that’s because she’s just another of those hot girls. Nothing special”. Jackson was still sitting on the couch when he asked “so when are you moving back to your villa? Where everybody thinks you live”. Dylan walked past him plugging in the hair dryer in the socket. “I’m not sure Jack” he replied turning on the hair dryer and started blowing his hair dry. Jackson turned up behind him “give me that” Dylan turned to look at him in disbelief “what are you planning to do?” “I can do your hair since we can’t bring the stylist here”. Dylan raised his brows at him “are you serious?” “Don’t look at me like that” Jackson scolds. Dylan bursts into laughter, Jackson scowls at him “You are serious aren’t you?” Dylan asks again laughing. Jackson crosses him arms which showed off his biceps in his brown suit. “I would never let you do my hair because with your skills, I will end up looking like I just got electrified and I will lose my good looks reputation, sorry but I’m not risking my handsomeness” he says and laughed some more.

Jackson joined him and they both laughed together, after a while Dylan continued doing his hair. “Pass me the comb would ya” Jackson walks to a dressing table next to the patio door. “I’m a little surprised that you got everything you need here” he said looking around the apartment. “Well I like it here, I’m so free and write good songs here, this is one of places I come to just to remind myself that I’m a normal person” Jackson hands the comb to Dylan “I’m really glad you feel that way” “I’m glad that you made this possible Jack”. “Well I gotta say, this apartment is amazing, the layout and the decor is elegant and comfy”, “Yep, my mom chose it for me”. Dylan finished with his hair it looked so good Jackson wondered how Dylan could do his hair like a professional hair stylist. Dylan stood up and walked to his dressing table and sprayed his hair. He let his hair loose because that’s the look he normally has. “Damn I gotta admit, you got some talent” Jackson says checking his phone. “Oh my thank you for the compliment noble mister” Dylan said teasingly. Dylan walks to the Kitchen and opens the fridge to get some juice, he turns to look at Jackson while drinking a big gulp of juice.

“Dylan” “yeah” “are you going to sleep with her?” Jackson asks. Dylan finishes his glass of juice “I don’t think so, I mean what can I do if she wants me, I won’t blame her, I’m irresistible” he replies with a smirk. Jackson smiles at him “yeah yeah, you just have your way with them ladies don’t you?” “I would say yes but something happen today, actually I met a beautiful stubborn girl today” “what? you met  girl today” “calm down, she didn’t recognize me, I’m not sure if she even Knows the rock star Dylan” Jackson looks at him with interest “well she took me for a normal guy but the shocking thing is that I couldn’t get her to stay”, “so what I’m hearing is that your charms didn’t work on her?” “By her expression, she actually found me attractive but instead of talking to me she ran off”, “well that’s new”, Dylan nods in agreement. “She has an attitude, she was challenging, I wanted her but I felt so annoyed and left” “Ha finally you met your match” Jackson said laughing at him.

“I guess i did” he replies…………to be continued

The kiss😘

Chapter 2: New beginnings

part 2

Meghan was indeed surprised to know that Jon was at her front door. She walked barefoot to the door and opened it for him. He stepped in carrying two bags with him. “I bought soda and some snacks” he said walking up the stairs ” this must be interesting” Meghan says following him up. When they stepped into her room, he placed the bags on her bed side table and threw himself on her bed. Jon turned back to look at Meghan “you definitely look surprised to me” he said sitting up. Meghan raised her brows to debate but instead said ” I just didn’t expect you”. “Is it a bad time, maybe i should visit another day” “no!” Meghan quickly clarifies “perfect timing dummy, I’m glad you came” she said grabbing the plastics from the side table and took a soda. “so tell me, you are here now” she demanded. “Come lay with me and can we watch a movie?”, Meghan opened her soda and took some sips “sure we can, just pick any you want to watch”. Meghan hadn’t noticed Jon reaching out for her.

Jon hadn’t noticed Meghan with the soda by the time he noticed it was too late, she tripped on the floor mat, landing on top of him and spilling soda on them both. Jon rushed to grab the can before it spilled all over the bed. In his act to save Meghan’s sheets, they had rolled over each other which landed Meghan on the bed and Jon right on top of her. “Jon” she said out of breath. “oh sorry Meg” he quickly tries to get off only to notice that something was holding him down. Meghan’s shirt was stuck on his belt, his movement already exposed her belly. If he moves some more her cotton shirt will rip. Meghan’s shirt was so soaked it outlined the blue lace bra she wore under. Meghan noticed Jon staring and her cheeks flushed, it was so awkward because not only him was staring at her but she too looked down his waist. Before things could get worse she helps him by pulling off her shirt from his belt.

Jon moves as fast too quickly getting off her “I….I’m sorry i didn’t know you had soda on you” he said awkwardly. Meghan nods, quickly gets up “I’m going to change” and rushed off into her bathroom. Jon started cleaning up the mess not wanting to remember what just happened. He removes his wet jacket and quietly sits on the bedside couch and then the thoughts came. He couldn’t believe that he actually checked Meghan out, she is his best friend for goodness sake. He surely didn’t want that happening again. He threw the thoughts out of his head. It was just an accident nothing more. He shifted on the couch and faced the bathroom door, waiting for Meghan. Inside the bathroom Meghan was freaking out,can her day get any worse? she thought. Why was she so shy, she wondered,”it’s only Jon” she said to herself. She removes her wet shirt and bra and slips on a tighter navy blue shirt. She had no choice but to wear it without a bra, besides it was the only thing in there and definitely did not want to send Jon to get her bra. She felt shy because the real size of her breast was so exposed. But she convinced herself that this was her best friend of eleven years, it shouldn’t be this weird for them.

………………………………………to be continued……………………………………………..

The kiss😘

Chapter 2: New beginnings

part 2

Dylan swiped the card and unlocked his room, he wasn’t surprised to find Jackson sitting in his living room area. He sighed loudly, removing his jacket and throwing it on the couch. “Where have you been?” Jackson asked. Dylan sits opposite him “didn’t i have the day off?” he asks in response. “I know but you are a celebrity, you can’t be out alone, you need bodyguards and your assistant with you at all times”. ” I know how to care of myself, this isn’t the first time i step out alone and you know that”. Jackson rubs his brow “of course i do, it’s normal for me to be concerned you know”, “trust me on this” Dylan replies. “I kinda already do, i let you live in this place behind the agency back, that proves my trust in you. I am just reminding you to be extra careful because we could get in really big trouble”. Dylan nods twice in agreement ” I just went for a ride and visited my favorite diner, no one saw me, i mean no one recognized me”. “good” Jackson says taking out his phone from his pockets.

“why are you here though”, “I’m here to check up on you and it kinda seems you forgot about your date”. Dylan scrolls through his memories ” yeah I almost forgot”. Jackson raised an eyebrow at him “you forgot?(he asks shockingly) you are never forgot any of the dates when you had dates with those hot girls you go out with, this is new”. Dylan places his hands on his thighs ” I got distracted”, he simply replies trying to avoid more questions but Jackson was already on to him. Jackson receives a phone call and answers immediately. Dylan already took a guess on who he was probably talking to because his face lit up so much. ” So what did Mary say?” he asks knowing the answer. Jackson frowns at him “its a about time you start getting ready for your date” he replies instead. Dylan stood up and walked up the stairs to get ready.

Meghan had just got home and was changing into her sleep wear, she couldn’t believe what a fool she made of herself in front of the guy she met. She was walking out of the bathroom and then her phone rang, she answered at the third ring ” you won’t believe this, i didn’t tell you earlier because i wasn’t sure, but now i’m so excited to tell you the great news” Jon says over the phone “get to it don’t keep me curious”. “Dad landed a huge deal and its working out pretty well” “so what i”m hearing is that you are on the way of richness, you are going to have big bucks now and will buy me a bunch of things”. Jon cracks excitedly ” I will answer that but first come open the door”.

…………………………… be continued