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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Family day. This is the time of the year were we come together and celebrate with our loved ones. I’m sorry I couldn’t update but I will soon. I WISH YOU SUPER LUCK AND JOY. HAVE THE STRENGTH TO FACE EVERYTHING THAT MAY COME AND HOPE FOR YOU TO GET AWESOME OPPORTUNITIES IN THE YEAR 2021.

Thank you for the love and support in 2020. I hope our little Family will grow more in 2021.

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The Kiss 😘

Chapter 2: New beginnings

Part 3

Dylan got down the stairs, his hair was still wet from the shower. He dressed in Black skinny jeans, purple Gucci shirt and black boots. “You don’t look excited for your date” “well that’s because she’s just another of those hot girls. Nothing special”. Jackson was still sitting on the couch when he asked “so when are you moving back to your villa? Where everybody thinks you live”. Dylan walked past him plugging in the hair dryer in the socket. “I’m not sure Jack” he replied turning on the hair dryer and started blowing his hair dry. Jackson turned up behind him “give me that” Dylan turned to look at him in disbelief “what are you planning to do?” “I can do your hair since we can’t bring the stylist here”. Dylan raised his brows at him “are you serious?” “Don’t look at me like that” Jackson scolds. Dylan bursts into laughter, Jackson scowls at him “You are serious aren’t you?” Dylan asks again laughing. Jackson crosses him arms which showed off his biceps in his brown suit. “I would never let you do my hair because with your skills, I will end up looking like I just got electrified and I will lose my good looks reputation, sorry but I’m not risking my handsomeness” he says and laughed some more.

Jackson joined him and they both laughed together, after a while Dylan continued doing his hair. “Pass me the comb would ya” Jackson walks to a dressing table next to the patio door. “I’m a little surprised that you got everything you need here” he said looking around the apartment. “Well I like it here, I’m so free and write good songs here, this is one of places I come to just to remind myself that I’m a normal person” Jackson hands the comb to Dylan “I’m really glad you feel that way” “I’m glad that you made this possible Jack”. “Well I gotta say, this apartment is amazing, the layout and the decor is elegant and comfy”, “Yep, my mom chose it for me”. Dylan finished with his hair it looked so good Jackson wondered how Dylan could do his hair like a professional hair stylist. Dylan stood up and walked to his dressing table and sprayed his hair. He let his hair loose because that’s the look he normally has. “Damn I gotta admit, you got some talent” Jackson says checking his phone. “Oh my thank you for the compliment noble mister” Dylan said teasingly. Dylan walks to the Kitchen and opens the fridge to get some juice, he turns to look at Jackson while drinking a big gulp of juice.

“Dylan” “yeah” “are you going to sleep with her?” Jackson asks. Dylan finishes his glass of juice “I don’t think so, I mean what can I do if she wants me, I won’t blame her, I’m irresistible” he replies with a smirk. Jackson smiles at him “yeah yeah, you just have your way with them ladies don’t you?” “I would say yes but something happen today, actually I met a beautiful stubborn girl today” “what? you met  girl today” “calm down, she didn’t recognize me, I’m not sure if she even Knows the rock star Dylan” Jackson looks at him with interest “well she took me for a normal guy but the shocking thing is that I couldn’t get her to stay”, “so what I’m hearing is that your charms didn’t work on her?” “By her expression, she actually found me attractive but instead of talking to me she ran off”, “well that’s new”, Dylan nods in agreement. “She has an attitude, she was challenging, I wanted her but I felt so annoyed and left” “Ha finally you met your match” Jackson said laughing at him.

“I guess i did” he replies…………to be continued

The kiss😘

Chapter 2: New beginnings

part 2

Meghan was indeed surprised to know that Jon was at her front door. She walked barefoot to the door and opened it for him. He stepped in carrying two bags with him. “I bought soda and some snacks” he said walking up the stairs ” this must be interesting” Meghan says following him up. When they stepped into her room, he placed the bags on her bed side table and threw himself on her bed. Jon turned back to look at Meghan “you definitely look surprised to me” he said sitting up. Meghan raised her brows to debate but instead said ” I just didn’t expect you”. “Is it a bad time, maybe i should visit another day” “no!” Meghan quickly clarifies “perfect timing dummy, I’m glad you came” she said grabbing the plastics from the side table and took a soda. “so tell me, you are here now” she demanded. “Come lay with me and can we watch a movie?”, Meghan opened her soda and took some sips “sure we can, just pick any you want to watch”. Meghan hadn’t noticed Jon reaching out for her.

Jon hadn’t noticed Meghan with the soda by the time he noticed it was too late, she tripped on the floor mat, landing on top of him and spilling soda on them both. Jon rushed to grab the can before it spilled all over the bed. In his act to save Meghan’s sheets, they had rolled over each other which landed Meghan on the bed and Jon right on top of her. “Jon” she said out of breath. “oh sorry Meg” he quickly tries to get off only to notice that something was holding him down. Meghan’s shirt was stuck on his belt, his movement already exposed her belly. If he moves some more her cotton shirt will rip. Meghan’s shirt was so soaked it outlined the blue lace bra she wore under. Meghan noticed Jon staring and her cheeks flushed, it was so awkward because not only him was staring at her but she too looked down his waist. Before things could get worse she helps him by pulling off her shirt from his belt.

Jon moves as fast too quickly getting off her “I….I’m sorry i didn’t know you had soda on you” he said awkwardly. Meghan nods, quickly gets up “I’m going to change” and rushed off into her bathroom. Jon started cleaning up the mess not wanting to remember what just happened. He removes his wet jacket and quietly sits on the bedside couch and then the thoughts came. He couldn’t believe that he actually checked Meghan out, she is his best friend for goodness sake. He surely didn’t want that happening again. He threw the thoughts out of his head. It was just an accident nothing more. He shifted on the couch and faced the bathroom door, waiting for Meghan. Inside the bathroom Meghan was freaking out,can her day get any worse? she thought. Why was she so shy, she wondered,”it’s only Jon” she said to herself. She removes her wet shirt and bra and slips on a tighter navy blue shirt. She had no choice but to wear it without a bra, besides it was the only thing in there and definitely did not want to send Jon to get her bra. She felt shy because the real size of her breast was so exposed. But she convinced herself that this was her best friend of eleven years, it shouldn’t be this weird for them.

………………………………………to be continued……………………………………………..

The kiss😘

Chapter 2: New beginnings

part 2

Dylan swiped the card and unlocked his room, he wasn’t surprised to find Jackson sitting in his living room area. He sighed loudly, removing his jacket and throwing it on the couch. “Where have you been?” Jackson asked. Dylan sits opposite him “didn’t i have the day off?” he asks in response. “I know but you are a celebrity, you can’t be out alone, you need bodyguards and your assistant with you at all times”. ” I know how to care of myself, this isn’t the first time i step out alone and you know that”. Jackson rubs his brow “of course i do, it’s normal for me to be concerned you know”, “trust me on this” Dylan replies. “I kinda already do, i let you live in this place behind the agency back, that proves my trust in you. I am just reminding you to be extra careful because we could get in really big trouble”. Dylan nods twice in agreement ” I just went for a ride and visited my favorite diner, no one saw me, i mean no one recognized me”. “good” Jackson says taking out his phone from his pockets.

“why are you here though”, “I’m here to check up on you and it kinda seems you forgot about your date”. Dylan scrolls through his memories ” yeah I almost forgot”. Jackson raised an eyebrow at him “you forgot?(he asks shockingly) you are never forgot any of the dates when you had dates with those hot girls you go out with, this is new”. Dylan places his hands on his thighs ” I got distracted”, he simply replies trying to avoid more questions but Jackson was already on to him. Jackson receives a phone call and answers immediately. Dylan already took a guess on who he was probably talking to because his face lit up so much. ” So what did Mary say?” he asks knowing the answer. Jackson frowns at him “its a about time you start getting ready for your date” he replies instead. Dylan stood up and walked up the stairs to get ready.

Meghan had just got home and was changing into her sleep wear, she couldn’t believe what a fool she made of herself in front of the guy she met. She was walking out of the bathroom and then her phone rang, she answered at the third ring ” you won’t believe this, i didn’t tell you earlier because i wasn’t sure, but now i’m so excited to tell you the great news” Jon says over the phone “get to it don’t keep me curious”. “Dad landed a huge deal and its working out pretty well” “so what i”m hearing is that you are on the way of richness, you are going to have big bucks now and will buy me a bunch of things”. Jon cracks excitedly ” I will answer that but first come open the door”.

……………………………..to be continued

The kiss😘

Chapter 2: New beginnings

Jessy was so annoyed “who does she think she is ? saying such things to me!”. “Just calm down Jessy , she is a nobody” Bethany says. “well that nobody is getting famous on Instagram of what she said to me”. Emma was just scrolling through her phone with her mouth open “on second thought she is not exactly a nobody, she is Meghan Stocke, Martin Stocke’s daughter”. Jessy turns to look at Emma in disbelief, Emma shows her the the article and pictures of the Stoke family. Jessy clenches her fingers almost hurting herself because of the long nails. “Jessy this is simple to handle, so what if she is rich, remember you are the star here and you are the one who caught Dylan’s eye, you are still in charge girl” Emma said trying to calm Jessy down. Jessy takes deep breaths and exhales slowly “Yeah don’t let her stress you out, enjoy the spa” Bethany said putting the cut cucumbers back on her eyelids and lays down to continue her session. “Okay, I’m calm now” Jessy replies, grabs a cup of lemonade to have a sip. “In less than a hour, you will be meeting up with your darling boyfriend” Bethany tells her. Jessy smiles and lays back down to continue with her massage. “I really hopes this one works out” she told herself.

For fifteen minutes the girls struggled getting a cab and felt relieved to finally get one. ” We could’ve really had a great time, but you just had to go and ruin it for us ” Judy said. she was clearly mad at Meghan for cutting their day short. She turned away, facing the window. Meghan sat in the middle of Judy and Kristine, Meghan didn’t even bother replying because she knew it will only get worse if she did. ” I couldn’t get why you were so rude to that super attractive guy” Kristine said. Meghan looked at her with disbelief ” he was an ass” she replied. “oh really ? I clearly saw you blushing. I’m just gonna you aren’t a kid anymore get yourself a boyfriend soon” Meghan continued looking at her with disbelief. “Quit looking at her like that , I wouldn’t miss a hot hunk like him for anything. But for you i guess only Jon has your attention” Judy said still not looking at her. Meghan opened her mouth to protest but before she could utter a word ” save it!” the girls said. Meghan kept quite the rest of the way, she said her good byes as she stepped out.

Dylan was so annoyed “who does she think she is?” he shouted as he parked his motorcycle in his garage. He took the stairs to the first floor and got in the elevator. He found his neighbor Mrs. Perkins , she was in her mid fifties and was having a lot of groceries, so he offered his help and she was very grateful. Dylan like this apartment building because they were very few people and no one knew about this place except for his manager. He helped Mrs. Perkins pack her groceries because her grand daughter wasn’t around. Dylan likes old people because they are kind and not judgmental. Mrs. Perkins clearly knows who he is but never has she never looked at him like most people do. Instead she welcomes him in her home and gives him delicious pies , actually her whole family likes him and her grand daughter, Mary is his biggest fan. He likes the Perkins very much, they make him feel like he was part of the family. ” Thank you very much for the delicious pie Mrs. Perkins, don’t be surprised when you see me at your door step because, you got me addicted”. He heard her laugh from the bedroom. She walked back to the kitchen and took his little plate away “well you are welcome to come by any time dear” , he left after talking to her some more.


The Kiss😘

I’m finally going to start posting chapter 2: New beginnings. In this chapter you will learn a lot about the main characters and their lives. I’m excited to continue this awesome love story and i hope you are excited as me. I will be publishing on weekends which is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I can’t wait to share this with you guys! 🤗

The kiss😘

Chapter 1: Back to school

final part

Meghan didn’t know what she was going to do, she didn’t want to turn in case he notices her staring. “He is really handsome though girl” Judy says and Kristine nods in agreement. “OMG just look at those muscles, Meghan say yes already” Kristine said. Judy receives a phone call ” I’m heading out now.” “so am I” Kristine says and they all grab their bags to leave. “Hello girls ” Dylan says, the girls greet him back and leave without another word. Meghan sat still holding on tight to her bag and didn’t dare look up. “i’m not here to bother you pretty girl, I’m here to return your money” he says placing it on the table next to her. Meghan stood up and rushed outside without saying a word. “what’s up with this girl?” he turns to chase after her and noticed her standing next to the road, she looked so desperate to get a cab but there were no cabs available. He sees her friends standing at the far corner of the diner next to his bike. He was lucky that miss’s shy didn’t recognize him but he wasn’t so sure about her friends. He was sure they couldn’t easily recognize him without his make up but if they took a closer look they will.

“Gosh what am I gonna do, I need my bike to get out of here” he decided not to make direct contact and walks towards them. When he got there, one girl was busy talking in the phone so he turned to talk to the other “Hey i noticed you sitting next to that pretty girl, is she your friend?” “yeah she is. why do you ask?” ” looks like your friend likes leaving money everywhere, well here you keep it for her”. He hands the money off to her and grabs his helmet and puts it on before she could say another word. He looks at the girls one more time and now they were all looking at him. He hops on and start his bike and backs up and heads the other way going around the diner and turns towards Meghan with a smile on his face. ***************************************************************************** Meghan stood outside waiting for a cab, she noticed the guy heading out but didn’t come to her but instead he went to talk to her friends. Later she sees him leaving but to her surprise he comes back around on his bike “need a ride beautiful ?” He asks while opening his helmet. Meghan looked annoyed she was wondering why this guy couldn’t leave her alone. “no thank you” she replied and started heading in another direction far from him. He grabs her arm and pulls her back to him. He had gotten off the bike and was standing very close to her. ” i was only trying to help you, i wasn’t going to kidnap you or do anything like that “. He looked down at her, she was short but she perfectly fit him. She was beautiful and her gorgeous lips got his attention again. She looks at him rudely ” I didn’t ask for your help mister, now let me go or i will scream”. Dylan lets go of her, this girl was simply hard headed and that was getting on his nerves. He closes his helmet and gets on his bike and drives away without looking back. Meghan felt relieved and a little uneasy too for being so rude to him. She simply couldn’t allow him to stay longer,she wasn’t sure but she was feeling weird around him a feeling she couldn’t figure out just yet. she wished not to see him again but she felt like this was just the beginning.

……………………………END OF CHAPTER 1………………………………………

The Kiss😘

Chapter 1: Back to school

part 8

She had black gorgeous hair which smelled of coconut, she wore a blue denim jacket with blue jeans and brown heeled ankle boots and finally that sparkly blue watch as her only accessory. Her skin was a little pale but it just made her beautiful brown eyes and black hair stand out more. She turned to look at him again and his eyes landed on her deep plum lips. Meghan turned to look at the boy next to her, only to catch him staring at her. Now they were both looking at each other and she noticed that not only did he look like trouble but he was gorgeously handsome too. Meghan hadn’t noticed her mouth open in shock of his looks. Dylan noticed her expression and thought she recognized him, if she is a fan then she just got the shock of her life. He smirks at her. His smirk knocked Meghan right back to her senses “what’s so funny ?” she snaps at him embarrassed. Dylan was actually surprised she didn’t know who he was. Should he be happy or disappointed? He smiles at her when he finally realized what had her amazed. “Nothing much”he replies. He smiles at her again, giving her that seductive smile he knows women go crazy for.

Meghan’s cheeks flush pink which he easily noticed because of her light skin tone. Meghan noticed he knew she was blushing and got mad. Why is she reacting to a stranger in such a way? “you know what, i’m leaving , tell Bob he better hurry up next time”. She got up rushing back to her friends because if she kept looking at him , she will end up making a fool out of herself. Meghan hurried without noticing she left money for the ice cream on the counter. ‘where’s the ice cream?”Kristine asked as she sat down. “well Bob’s in the bathroom, can we just leave?” she asked annoyed by her reaction towards the boy at the counter. Judy noticed Meghan’s eagerness “Meg what’s up, why are you in such a rush?”.Meghan crosses her arms “I just want to get out of here and go home”she replies. Kristine exhales loudly “we just got here Meg , what’s your problem ?”. Judy tells Kristine to calm down “why Meghan, why do you want us to leave now?”. Meghan looks at them both “well -well(she stutters) I just don’t wanna be here no more, we can go anywhere but we can’t stay here”.

Judy immediately knew something was up. She looks past Meghan and sees the guy at the counter in black. He was the only one there maybe he said something to displease Meghan. If he did she will put him in his place. Judy took another look at Meghan , by the look on her face its definitely not what she was thinking. She thought maybe the guy was interested in Meghan and approached her but as expected Meghan runs away. Well Meghan’s not talking but something happened between the two. Judy laughs out surprising Meghan and Kristine. “what’s so funny ?”Kristine asks her. “well Meghan ran away from that guy at the counter that’s why she wants to leave” Kristine joins in and the both laugh at Meghan. Dylan had just noticed the money of the girl who was just sitting next to him “first she rushes off in a mad state and now she leaves me money”. He takes the money and stands up to go give it to her. Judy and Kristine smile when they see the guy heading towards them “your Mr stranger is coming for you” Judy says. Meghan gets nervous and panics……. to be continued.

The Kiss😘

I’m sorry my readers i haven’t updated all these days but i’m here to make it up to you.

Chapter 1:Back to school

part 7

“you really surprised me with that snap Meghan” Kristine said . “Maybe that’s cause I had enough of popularity” or because I didn’t like Jon spending time with one of hottest girl in school. She told her little head that she is only trying to protect her best friend from such girls. She was glad she didn’t say any of that out loud. Meghan was too busy caught up in her own thoughts and missed the part were Jon received a phone call. He was just turning back to face her ” dad just called, said he needs me at the shop, so we will hangout another time girls”. He hugged Kristine then Judy and lastly came and kissed Meghan on the cheek ( that was new) and then he rushed off. ” Okay Jon is gone ” Judy said ” so shall we leave ladies?” Kristine asked. Meghan and Judy nodded in response ” good, lets make the best out of today” Kristine said smiling at them. They all headed towards the exit of the school building meeting other students who were heading doing towards the hall. As they stepped towards the parking lot the others where starting to wonder where Meghan parked her jeep. ” girls I didn’t bring my jeep today so we’re gonna have to catch a cab. ” that’s okay Meg”. Kristine disappeared to get them a cab and they all went to Banes cafe.

At the cafe, the girls were just finishing their smoothies ” this place always serves best of everything” Judy said sipping the last of her smoothie, Meghan smiled at her ” getting addicted much Judy?”. Kristine laughs “no lie i’m also hooked now, hope they don’t sneak in cocaine in this cause i’m so addicted” ” you are crazily unbelievable you know” Judy said. “Okay ladies, let me get us some ice cream”. The girls smiled happily. Meghan giggled and left to go order for ice cream at the counter. To her surprise she didn’t find he sales guy there, she took a sit next to their counter and noticed a guy sitting on her left sipping on some latte. He wore a leather jacket with spikes which looked like it costs a fortune, black denim ripped jeans and black ankle boots. He had brown gorgeous hair, tied back and he looked like such a bad boy with all that black he was wearing.

Dylan was peacefully drinking his latte at Banes cafe, no one recognized him here, no one ever does or they choose not to bother him. He liked it here, he was careful enough to avoid the press and got here to enjoy a whole day alone with no bodyguards or the press on his heels. He kept a low profile in public so he prevents drawing attention to himself. He heard a girl seat next to him, she smelled of of jasmine and coconut oil. He didn’t mind her presence but then he noticed that she was staring too much at him maybe his cover got blown. he was just going to stand up and leave but the girl didn’t say anything maybe it wasn’t at him she was staring. He was so happy she didn’t recognize him, he didn’t want to lose this place. He coughed and instantly caught her attention but she turned to look the other side. “Bob went to the bathroom so just be patient” he said to her. She slowly turned to look at him. Gosh he should’ve kept his mouth shut now she will surely recognize him. High school girls had the largest percentage in his fans. He didn’t look at her , he kept staring at his latte. ” I’m not impatient, i just had a rough day” Meghan replied to the strange guy. Dylan took another sip from his latte. ” But it looks like you were having fun with your friends over there” Meghan drew her lips in a thin line and looked down at her watch again. Only then did Dylan take a proper look at her………………………… to be continued

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