CHAPTER 1: Back to school

Finally it’s Meghan’s last year in high school , she wasn’t so excited to get back to school but when she turned and looked to her left and right , she clearly had no reason to worry. Looking at her two friends Kristine and Judy put a smile on her face. Her brown boots clicking against the floor in the hall way. Her eyes were searching over the crowd looking for her best friend , brown hair ,some blue jeans and a green back pack , those were the things that made Jon stand out in a lot of people.

She searched but no Jon at all or maybe she just couldn’t spot him out of the crowd. She exhaled loudly lifting her head a bit higher. Maybe it was her height , she wasn’t that short, she had put on a few inches in the holiday and her breast grew two bra sizes more. She felt someone tug her jacket slightly pulling her down. “Kristine” she said drawn back from her search for Jon. “who are you looking for so desperately?” Kristine asked. “maybe Meghan got herself a boyfriend in the holiday , but he is not here to surprise us yet” Judy teased. Meghan looked at her “no way” “so what’s up then?” Kristine asked. “I miss Jon so much” she said desperately.

“maybe he didn’t come” Judy said. “but we talked about it last week and he said he will be here”. “maybe he got caught up , family business perhaps” Kristine said. “with no word to me , no way”. Kristine held Meghan by her shoulders gently massaging them. “don’t worry , you don’t need to be so desperate, it’s Jon come on , if he doesn’t show up at school, he will show up at your place later”. Meghan exhaled loudly, sure Kristine was right, maybe he will show up later or call. She might be missing him like hell because its been the whole of winter since she last saw him. Meghan placed her hand on Kristine’s slightly rubbing it.”you are so right Kris, we should enjoy ourselves and first we should draw up a calendar about what we should do this year. What i mean to say is that,ladies it’s our last year in high school we should make it memorable”.

Judy grabs Meghan’s other shoulder “yep now you are making so much sense, hope all you guys saved up like we planned?” “yep we did” they all answered in unison. Just as the were talking , suddenly they see the crowd moving apart and they all knew what that meant. Meghan just rolled her eyes as the devil was about to make her grand entrance. Kristine “i’m sure if you ignore her she won’t notice you” she told Meghan. ” i swear i don’t want her attention ” “good” Judy said. …………to be continued.

The Kiss Wednesday updates

Hello everyone this is my first time having a blog so bare with me because i’m inexperienced. I just want to inform you about my first publish of the book The Kiss on Wednesday. I’m really excited to share my awesome creation with everyone out there. Please get your friends or anyone you know that likes reading books to follow my blog. Every Wednesday i will be posting about the kiss and i hope my readers enjoy it.

The Kiss

This book is about a young girl(Meghan) who falls in love with a popular star Dylan but their are from different worlds. Dylan is a boy who barely believes in love but when he meets Meghan his opinion about love is completely changed. He falls madly in love with her but will their love be able to keep them together or drive them apart. Read the breath taking love story of this two love birds as they are tested by society, family and friendship. Will their love survive the storms or will it simply breakdown .

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