The Kiss😘

Chapter 1: Back to school

part 8

She had black gorgeous hair which smelled of coconut, she wore a blue denim jacket with blue jeans and brown heeled ankle boots and finally that sparkly blue watch as her only accessory. Her skin was a little pale but it just made her beautiful brown eyes and black hair stand out more. She turned to look at him again and his eyes landed on her deep plum lips. Meghan turned to look at the boy next to her, only to catch him staring at her. Now they were both looking at each other and she noticed that not only did he look like trouble but he was gorgeously handsome too. Meghan hadn’t noticed her mouth open in shock of his looks. Dylan noticed her expression and thought she recognized him, if she is a fan then she just got the shock of her life. He smirks at her. His smirk knocked Meghan right back to her senses “what’s so funny ?” she snaps at him embarrassed. Dylan was actually surprised she didn’t know who he was. Should he be happy or disappointed? He smiles at her when he finally realized what had her amazed. “Nothing much”he replies. He smiles at her again, giving her that seductive smile he knows women go crazy for.

Meghan’s cheeks flush pink which he easily noticed because of her light skin tone. Meghan noticed he knew she was blushing and got mad. Why is she reacting to a stranger in such a way? “you know what, i’m leaving , tell Bob he better hurry up next time”. She got up rushing back to her friends because if she kept looking at him , she will end up making a fool out of herself. Meghan hurried without noticing she left money for the ice cream on the counter. ‘where’s the ice cream?”Kristine asked as she sat down. “well Bob’s in the bathroom, can we just leave?” she asked annoyed by her reaction towards the boy at the counter. Judy noticed Meghan’s eagerness “Meg what’s up, why are you in such a rush?”.Meghan crosses her arms “I just want to get out of here and go home”she replies. Kristine exhales loudly “we just got here Meg , what’s your problem ?”. Judy tells Kristine to calm down “why Meghan, why do you want us to leave now?”. Meghan looks at them both “well -well(she stutters) I just don’t wanna be here no more, we can go anywhere but we can’t stay here”.

Judy immediately knew something was up. She looks past Meghan and sees the guy at the counter in black. He was the only one there maybe he said something to displease Meghan. If he did she will put him in his place. Judy took another look at Meghan , by the look on her face its definitely not what she was thinking. She thought maybe the guy was interested in Meghan and approached her but as expected Meghan runs away. Well Meghan’s not talking but something happened between the two. Judy laughs out surprising Meghan and Kristine. “what’s so funny ?”Kristine asks her. “well Meghan ran away from that guy at the counter that’s why she wants to leave” Kristine joins in and the both laugh at Meghan. Dylan had just noticed the money of the girl who was just sitting next to him “first she rushes off in a mad state and now she leaves me money”. He takes the money and stands up to go give it to her. Judy and Kristine smile when they see the guy heading towards them “your Mr stranger is coming for you” Judy says. Meghan gets nervous and panics……. to be continued.

Published by queenlixa

I have been writing novels ever since i was 12 and my school mates loved reading them. I personally hand written them, now i want to use this site to introduce my writing skills to the world. I personally read books myself. I read Harry Potter and watched all the movies. My favorite books are the fey series by Julie kagawa, mortal instruments by Cassandra Claire and throne glass series by Sarah j maas. Writing novels is my personal and most favorite hobby. i love listening to music and really love BTS music and hope to meet army fans. I'm in Namibia, Windhoek and i'm busy with my studies at the university of Namibia and i'm currently 19 years old.

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