The kiss😘

Chapter 1: Back to school

final part

Meghan didn’t know what she was going to do, she didn’t want to turn in case he notices her staring. “He is really handsome though girl” Judy says and Kristine nods in agreement. “OMG just look at those muscles, Meghan say yes already” Kristine said. Judy receives a phone call ” I’m heading out now.” “so am I” Kristine says and they all grab their bags to leave. “Hello girls ” Dylan says, the girls greet him back and leave without another word. Meghan sat still holding on tight to her bag and didn’t dare look up. “i’m not here to bother you pretty girl, I’m here to return your money” he says placing it on the table next to her. Meghan stood up and rushed outside without saying a word. “what’s up with this girl?” he turns to chase after her and noticed her standing next to the road, she looked so desperate to get a cab but there were no cabs available. He sees her friends standing at the far corner of the diner next to his bike. He was lucky that miss’s shy didn’t recognize him but he wasn’t so sure about her friends. He was sure they couldn’t easily recognize him without his make up but if they took a closer look they will.

“Gosh what am I gonna do, I need my bike to get out of here” he decided not to make direct contact and walks towards them. When he got there, one girl was busy talking in the phone so he turned to talk to the other “Hey i noticed you sitting next to that pretty girl, is she your friend?” “yeah she is. why do you ask?” ” looks like your friend likes leaving money everywhere, well here you keep it for her”. He hands the money off to her and grabs his helmet and puts it on before she could say another word. He looks at the girls one more time and now they were all looking at him. He hops on and start his bike and backs up and heads the other way going around the diner and turns towards Meghan with a smile on his face. ***************************************************************************** Meghan stood outside waiting for a cab, she noticed the guy heading out but didn’t come to her but instead he went to talk to her friends. Later she sees him leaving but to her surprise he comes back around on his bike “need a ride beautiful ?” He asks while opening his helmet. Meghan looked annoyed she was wondering why this guy couldn’t leave her alone. “no thank you” she replied and started heading in another direction far from him. He grabs her arm and pulls her back to him. He had gotten off the bike and was standing very close to her. ” i was only trying to help you, i wasn’t going to kidnap you or do anything like that “. He looked down at her, she was short but she perfectly fit him. She was beautiful and her gorgeous lips got his attention again. She looks at him rudely ” I didn’t ask for your help mister, now let me go or i will scream”. Dylan lets go of her, this girl was simply hard headed and that was getting on his nerves. He closes his helmet and gets on his bike and drives away without looking back. Meghan felt relieved and a little uneasy too for being so rude to him. She simply couldn’t allow him to stay longer,she wasn’t sure but she was feeling weird around him a feeling she couldn’t figure out just yet. she wished not to see him again but she felt like this was just the beginning.

……………………………END OF CHAPTER 1………………………………………

Published by queenlixa

I have been writing novels ever since i was 12 and my school mates loved reading them. I personally hand written them, now i want to use this site to introduce my writing skills to the world. I personally read books myself. I read Harry Potter and watched all the movies. My favorite books are the fey series by Julie kagawa, mortal instruments by Cassandra Claire and throne glass series by Sarah j maas. Writing novels is my personal and most favorite hobby. i love listening to music and really love BTS music and hope to meet army fans. I'm in Namibia, Windhoek and i'm busy with my studies at the university of Namibia and i'm currently 19 years old.

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