The kiss😘

Chapter 2: New beginnings

Jessy was so annoyed “who does she think she is ? saying such things to me!”. “Just calm down Jessy , she is a nobody” Bethany says. “well that nobody is getting famous on Instagram of what she said to me”. Emma was just scrolling through her phone with her mouth open “on second thought she is not exactly a nobody, she is Meghan Stocke, Martin Stocke’s daughter”. Jessy turns to look at Emma in disbelief, Emma shows her the the article and pictures of the Stoke family. Jessy clenches her fingers almost hurting herself because of the long nails. “Jessy this is simple to handle, so what if she is rich, remember you are the star here and you are the one who caught Dylan’s eye, you are still in charge girl” Emma said trying to calm Jessy down. Jessy takes deep breaths and exhales slowly “Yeah don’t let her stress you out, enjoy the spa” Bethany said putting the cut cucumbers back on her eyelids and lays down to continue her session. “Okay, I’m calm now” Jessy replies, grabs a cup of lemonade to have a sip. “In less than a hour, you will be meeting up with your darling boyfriend” Bethany tells her. Jessy smiles and lays back down to continue with her massage. “I really hopes this one works out” she told herself.

For fifteen minutes the girls struggled getting a cab and felt relieved to finally get one. ” We could’ve really had a great time, but you just had to go and ruin it for us ” Judy said. she was clearly mad at Meghan for cutting their day short. She turned away, facing the window. Meghan sat in the middle of Judy and Kristine, Meghan didn’t even bother replying because she knew it will only get worse if she did. ” I couldn’t get why you were so rude to that super attractive guy” Kristine said. Meghan looked at her with disbelief ” he was an ass” she replied. “oh really ? I clearly saw you blushing. I’m just gonna you aren’t a kid anymore get yourself a boyfriend soon” Meghan continued looking at her with disbelief. “Quit looking at her like that , I wouldn’t miss a hot hunk like him for anything. But for you i guess only Jon has your attention” Judy said still not looking at her. Meghan opened her mouth to protest but before she could utter a word ” save it!” the girls said. Meghan kept quite the rest of the way, she said her good byes as she stepped out.

Dylan was so annoyed “who does she think she is?” he shouted as he parked his motorcycle in his garage. He took the stairs to the first floor and got in the elevator. He found his neighbor Mrs. Perkins , she was in her mid fifties and was having a lot of groceries, so he offered his help and she was very grateful. Dylan like this apartment building because they were very few people and no one knew about this place except for his manager. He helped Mrs. Perkins pack her groceries because her grand daughter wasn’t around. Dylan likes old people because they are kind and not judgmental. Mrs. Perkins clearly knows who he is but never has she never looked at him like most people do. Instead she welcomes him in her home and gives him delicious pies , actually her whole family likes him and her grand daughter, Mary is his biggest fan. He likes the Perkins very much, they make him feel like he was part of the family. ” Thank you very much for the delicious pie Mrs. Perkins, don’t be surprised when you see me at your door step because, you got me addicted”. He heard her laugh from the bedroom. She walked back to the kitchen and took his little plate away “well you are welcome to come by any time dear” , he left after talking to her some more.


Published by queenlixa

I have been writing novels ever since i was 12 and my school mates loved reading them. I personally hand written them, now i want to use this site to introduce my writing skills to the world. I personally read books myself. I read Harry Potter and watched all the movies. My favorite books are the fey series by Julie kagawa, mortal instruments by Cassandra Claire and throne glass series by Sarah j maas. Writing novels is my personal and most favorite hobby. i love listening to music and really love BTS music and hope to meet army fans. I'm in Namibia, Windhoek and i'm busy with my studies at the university of Namibia and i'm currently 19 years old.

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