The kiss😘

Chapter 2: New beginnings

part 2

Dylan swiped the card and unlocked his room, he wasn’t surprised to find Jackson sitting in his living room area. He sighed loudly, removing his jacket and throwing it on the couch. “Where have you been?” Jackson asked. Dylan sits opposite him “didn’t i have the day off?” he asks in response. “I know but you are a celebrity, you can’t be out alone, you need bodyguards and your assistant with you at all times”. ” I know how to care of myself, this isn’t the first time i step out alone and you know that”. Jackson rubs his brow “of course i do, it’s normal for me to be concerned you know”, “trust me on this” Dylan replies. “I kinda already do, i let you live in this place behind the agency back, that proves my trust in you. I am just reminding you to be extra careful because we could get in really big trouble”. Dylan nods twice in agreement ” I just went for a ride and visited my favorite diner, no one saw me, i mean no one recognized me”. “good” Jackson says taking out his phone from his pockets.

“why are you here though”, “I’m here to check up on you and it kinda seems you forgot about your date”. Dylan scrolls through his memories ” yeah I almost forgot”. Jackson raised an eyebrow at him “you forgot?(he asks shockingly) you are never forgot any of the dates when you had dates with those hot girls you go out with, this is new”. Dylan places his hands on his thighs ” I got distracted”, he simply replies trying to avoid more questions but Jackson was already on to him. Jackson receives a phone call and answers immediately. Dylan already took a guess on who he was probably talking to because his face lit up so much. ” So what did Mary say?” he asks knowing the answer. Jackson frowns at him “its a about time you start getting ready for your date” he replies instead. Dylan stood up and walked up the stairs to get ready.

Meghan had just got home and was changing into her sleep wear, she couldn’t believe what a fool she made of herself in front of the guy she met. She was walking out of the bathroom and then her phone rang, she answered at the third ring ” you won’t believe this, i didn’t tell you earlier because i wasn’t sure, but now i’m so excited to tell you the great news” Jon says over the phone “get to it don’t keep me curious”. “Dad landed a huge deal and its working out pretty well” “so what i”m hearing is that you are on the way of richness, you are going to have big bucks now and will buy me a bunch of things”. Jon cracks excitedly ” I will answer that but first come open the door”.

…………………………… be continued

Published by queenlixa

I have been writing novels ever since i was 12 and my school mates loved reading them. I personally hand written them, now i want to use this site to introduce my writing skills to the world. I personally read books myself. I read Harry Potter and watched all the movies. My favorite books are the fey series by Julie kagawa, mortal instruments by Cassandra Claire and throne glass series by Sarah j maas. Writing novels is my personal and most favorite hobby. i love listening to music and really love BTS music and hope to meet army fans. I'm in Namibia, Windhoek and i'm busy with my studies at the university of Namibia and i'm currently 19 years old.

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