The kiss😘

Chapter 2: New beginnings

part 2

Meghan was indeed surprised to know that Jon was at her front door. She walked barefoot to the door and opened it for him. He stepped in carrying two bags with him. “I bought soda and some snacks” he said walking up the stairs ” this must be interesting” Meghan says following him up. When they stepped into her room, he placed the bags on her bed side table and threw himself on her bed. Jon turned back to look at Meghan “you definitely look surprised to me” he said sitting up. Meghan raised her brows to debate but instead said ” I just didn’t expect you”. “Is it a bad time, maybe i should visit another day” “no!” Meghan quickly clarifies “perfect timing dummy, I’m glad you came” she said grabbing the plastics from the side table and took a soda. “so tell me, you are here now” she demanded. “Come lay with me and can we watch a movie?”, Meghan opened her soda and took some sips “sure we can, just pick any you want to watch”. Meghan hadn’t noticed Jon reaching out for her.

Jon hadn’t noticed Meghan with the soda by the time he noticed it was too late, she tripped on the floor mat, landing on top of him and spilling soda on them both. Jon rushed to grab the can before it spilled all over the bed. In his act to save Meghan’s sheets, they had rolled over each other which landed Meghan on the bed and Jon right on top of her. “Jon” she said out of breath. “oh sorry Meg” he quickly tries to get off only to notice that something was holding him down. Meghan’s shirt was stuck on his belt, his movement already exposed her belly. If he moves some more her cotton shirt will rip. Meghan’s shirt was so soaked it outlined the blue lace bra she wore under. Meghan noticed Jon staring and her cheeks flushed, it was so awkward because not only him was staring at her but she too looked down his waist. Before things could get worse she helps him by pulling off her shirt from his belt.

Jon moves as fast too quickly getting off her “I….I’m sorry i didn’t know you had soda on you” he said awkwardly. Meghan nods, quickly gets up “I’m going to change” and rushed off into her bathroom. Jon started cleaning up the mess not wanting to remember what just happened. He removes his wet jacket and quietly sits on the bedside couch and then the thoughts came. He couldn’t believe that he actually checked Meghan out, she is his best friend for goodness sake. He surely didn’t want that happening again. He threw the thoughts out of his head. It was just an accident nothing more. He shifted on the couch and faced the bathroom door, waiting for Meghan. Inside the bathroom Meghan was freaking out,can her day get any worse? she thought. Why was she so shy, she wondered,”it’s only Jon” she said to herself. She removes her wet shirt and bra and slips on a tighter navy blue shirt. She had no choice but to wear it without a bra, besides it was the only thing in there and definitely did not want to send Jon to get her bra. She felt shy because the real size of her breast was so exposed. But she convinced herself that this was her best friend of eleven years, it shouldn’t be this weird for them.

………………………………………to be continued……………………………………………..

Published by queenlixa

I have been writing novels ever since i was 12 and my school mates loved reading them. I personally hand written them, now i want to use this site to introduce my writing skills to the world. I personally read books myself. I read Harry Potter and watched all the movies. My favorite books are the fey series by Julie kagawa, mortal instruments by Cassandra Claire and throne glass series by Sarah j maas. Writing novels is my personal and most favorite hobby. i love listening to music and really love BTS music and hope to meet army fans. I'm in Namibia, Windhoek and i'm busy with my studies at the university of Namibia and i'm currently 19 years old.

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