The Kiss😘

Chapter 1: Back to school

Part 6

Jon looked straight in her eyes “now I know that you never took my present as a material but part of you, thank you Meghan for valuing this watch more then I could ever imagine, it proves how much you value our friendship”. Meghan couldn’t help it when heat rushed to her cheeks. She didn’t know if it was the way he spoke or the look on his face or simply the words he used. She felt a little shy that he chose to tell this to her right now instead of when they got a chance to be alone. Too much heat flooded her cheeks, she hoped she didn’t look like a tomato. Jon smiled at her and pulled her in for a tight hug then gave her a kiss on her forehead. Meghan’s stomach just dropped. Jon let her go with saying another word, Meghan stared at him bluntly, she was about to say something to him but a group of cheerleaders passed by catching Jon’s attention. One of them pulled on his sleeve “hey cutie”. Meghan was surprised to see who it was. The one who pulled his sleeve was Briana , she is the captain of the cheer leading squad. She is a pretty girl with thick black hair, brown eyes and gorgeous curves. She was also number 3 in the most popular girls in school.

Around her were girls Meghan never saw, so she was sure they weren’t from her school. “Whit” Briana said in shock. Jon smiled at her, a sexy seductive smile that not even Meghan knew he had. ” yes Briana” he replied still smiling at her. The girls around Briana giggled, it was already weird to Meghan that out of all people Briana noticed just how cute Jon is. Meghan isn’t saying he is not cute, of-course he is but today he looks hell cute. She pushed the thoughts of his cuteness out of her head. ” when did you get so hot?” Briana asked. ” you know that’s the same question I’ve been asking myself since primary but in your case though”. Judy and Kristine burst out in laughter. Meghan just smiled because they all know what Jon meant. Briana wasn’t exactly hot as she is now back in primary. She was the chubby, untidy girl but when puberty hit, she just went under a huge transformation. Briana expression proved that she didn’t like Jon’s reply at all. They all expected her to snap but she just smiled widely at Jon. Wow… now Jon’s new look can perform magic.

” you know what, it doesn’t matter . Wanna join me Whit, I have no one to keep me company during the long boring assembly” she said making gestures with her manicured nails. ” that looks like enough company to me” Meghan said. she didn’t want to say it but the words just slipped out of her mouth and her tone and expression were all way too straight. She should really learn to mask her emotions. She looked at Jon’s face, he was surprised too but he didn’t show it. Briana rolled her eyes “what if i say no?” Jon cut in before Briana could say anything. “you don’t wanna say no to me Whit” “but i actually do”. Brianna raised her hands and dropped them in surrender ” okay Whit maybe another time, have a good time with your girlfriends, see you around cutie”. She said looking at the three girls then turned to have one last look at Jon still not believing her eyes and walked away with her group…… be continued

The Kiss😘

Chapter 1: Back to school

part 5

Meghan stared at the glitter watch in her palm and didn’t regret what she had done minutes ago even if she’s the talk of tomorrow shows. She slid it around her wrist and closed the claps. It still looked perfect, she smiled and let her friends lead her out of the bathroom. To her surprise when she stepped out of the bathroom she heard a familiar voice “you don’t look so good with a red face Missy” Jon said behind them. They all turned and were shocked beyond belief. They couldn’t believe their eyes, they couldn’t believe who was standing in front of them. Yes it was Jon but he looked completely different, his hair was nicely cut and it seemed like his eye color changed too. He was neatly dressed in awesome new clothes and he smelled amazing too. He dressed in black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt hugging his chest, black denim jacket and beautiful white sneakers. He still wore the ring Meghan got him and also had a new leather back pack. No wonder why she couldn’t find him, he looked completely brand new.

Meghan pushed her mind from his new look, half ran to him and gave him a big hug. “what took you so long?” she asked. “sorry i missed the show” he whispered in her ear. Even the way he was holding her was different, she noticed how well built he looked now matching with his height. This was no more her skinny friend Jon, she even noticed that she couldn’t completely wrap her arms around him like last time. He might smell of expensive cologne but still smelled like his his old self, a smell of lavender and his favorite soap. It reassured her even though he looked different he was still Jon. “that was no show, that was me getting myself embarrassed on live TV Jon” she said pulling away from him. “why are you saying that Meghan, actually what you did was very courageous, you shouldn’t be embarrassed cause you did nothing wrong and you should walk with your head held high” ” yeah right,not after the whole world laughs at you” she replied. “did you see me laugh at you?did Kristine?,Judy?, your mom or dad? no! your world revolves around us and your world did not laugh at you so pull yourself together”.

“you are making so much sense Jon tell her to stop being a cry baby” Judy said nearing them. “she cries about everything” Kristine said joining them. Jon places his hands on her shoulder, since he’s taller she looks up at him. “Meghan i expect better from you next time, you can’t break down all the time or people like Jessy will always get their way, if you do it again i won’t talk to you no more” she blinked at him not breaking off the eye contact.”we were leaving for the cafe Jon join us” Judy invited him breaking off their eye contact. Jon looked around, everyone was leaving and they were the only ones still here. Jon let her shoulders go and placed his hands in his pockets coolly and looked at the little watch around her wrist “still looks pretty good on you” he said. Meghan looked at him confused then it clicked to her that he was talking about the watch. She slightly adjusted it, that’s when she felt Jon’s hands around her wrist and his hands were so warm…………………….to be continued

The Kiss😘

Chapter 1: Back to school

part 4

“come on little girl, you can at least admit it on live TV, remember this is the only chance you get to say something Dylan instead of using a cheap watch as an excuse” Jessy decided it’s about time she shows this girl who is more powerful and humiliate her. Meghan stared at her in disbelief than fear. People were laughing around them, actually they were laughing at her. She was getting herself humiliated on live TV and it’s all because they think she is a crazy fan. She started burning up in anger “don’t you ever call me little girl cause you and I are the same age and this my be a cheap watch in terms of money but it was bought with love and no matter how much money you have or earn you won’t be able to afford it”. This girl was lucky they were on live TV because Jessy wouldn’t be this calm. “I don’t give a damn about your watch’s value but you ruined my show-” “and I apologized but to save this watch i would do it a thousand times because it’s that important to me”. “I’ts really unbelievable what people can do to get famous” Jessy said sarcastically. ” I don’t care about fame cause I wouldn’t even struggle in that area, thanks for the chat famous Jessy, all the best with your celebrity boyfriend and remember here in this school everyone breathes the same air whether they are famous or not. Not everything revolves around you Jessy, keep that in mind”

Meghan was out of breath, she was so nervous but still manage to put Jessy in her place. Who does she think she is throwing accusations at her trying to humiliate her on live TV. Jessy looked at her very dangerously, like should could rip her face off. Her knees felt weak but managed to move and walk away. Everyone watched her in silence maybe they were too stunned that she could be rude to Jessy the beauty queen. “let’s face it, you are jealous of me that’s why you tried to ruin my show and you can’t accept that you and i will never be on the same level, next time you won,t be so lucky i can sue you, you know that right? so thank you for your little speech” Jessy said behind her. Meghan felt eyes bore through her back as everyone started to laugh her again. Jessy is rich, hot and famous why would anyone ever laugh at her, she was a nobody and made a fool of herself on live TV. Suddenly the bathroom felt too far way her body was getting heavier, she heard footsteps behind her, they should belong to her friends. Meghan hurried in the bathroom as bile filled her mouth. She busted through the door of the first empty toilet, knelt down, tears filling her eyes and threw up. Meghan hates crowds and has panic attacks especially when there is no one familiar around her. She even faints when it gets severe.

Tears ran down her face as her stomach got emptier and finished throwing up, that’s when she felt a hand on her shoulder “I’m sorry Meg, Jessy is a real asshole at times”. Meghan straightened up and flashed the toilet “there goes my delicious breakfast” she said to Kristine. They stepped out of the toilet to find Judy holding tissues for her, Meghan took them and gladly wiped her face. “I hope the little make up i had on isn’t ruined” Meghan said, “if you cry some more then it’s gonna be ruined” Judy replied. “come here” Kristine pulled Meghan in for a hug, Judy joined in too. They hugged for five minutes. “She shouldn’t think they would end up like Jay and Bey, celebrity couples never last”,” come on Judy don’t be so negative” Kristine said. “I’m serious Meg, you just wait”, they giggled letting each other go.”see now that’s the look I like to see on your face” Kristine said while straightening out her denim jacket. Judy was looking at Meghan “girl that holiday did you real good, those boobs look fabulous on you”. Meghan looked at her, eyes wide open “it’s just a compliment,don’t look at me like that”. Meghan’s cheeks flushed,”let’s skip school for today and go to the cafe, I really need a drink right now…..and I’m paying ” Meghan added. “good cause I’m broke” Kristine said…………………………………to be continued.

The kiss

Chapter 1:Back to school

part 3

Meghan heard Judy say something but couldn’t make it out. Jessy started walking heading towards them, the camera men moving backwards filming her. There was a pleasing smile on Jessy’s face when she quickly examined the girls reaction in the hall way. Meghan knew what she saw, envy and jealousy. Some girls were furious, most of them really stunned. “wow” Meghan muttered. “oh wow Dylan the rock star!” Kristine shouted.”I’m jealous why does she always get the good guys?” Judy asked. Meghan shook her head in disbelief of their reactions. “who’s this Dylan either way?”, Judy and Kristine looked at her in shock “don’t play dumb with us, you know the guy” Kristine said. Meghan than raked her memory and finally remembered a poster of a guy with gorgeous brown long hair wearing black leather pants, a loose white satin shirt with three buttons open revealing a fit body and a bandanna around his head. His eyes were closed and had eye liner, she saw the poster at the cafe and he really looked cool. Meghan admits how handsome he really looked cool and his music was popular too but not her style.

No wonder why she didn’t know much about him or how he really looked but one thing she was sure of was that he was such a famous artist, so how did Jessy get her hands on him. Out from her thoughts back to reality. Jessy and her crew were closing in on them and by the looks of it looks like the were doing their closing remarks for the show and that’s when Meghan noticed her watch on the floor only a few inches from Jessy, if Jessy moves one more step it would be crushed and Meghan wouldn’t allow that. So she moves without thinking and grabs the watch. When she gets up she bumped into Jessy “ouch!” Jessy yelled, her eyes filled with fury. “sorry, I’m really sorry” Meghan apologized but Jessy’s strings already snapped “you are ruining my show! can’t you see we are live?”. Meghan was a little taken aback by her sharp attack, she looked for Judy and Kristine who had their hands covering their mouths clearly surprised and shocked. Only then when she read their facial expression screaming “Run!” but her legs were not moving. She is on live TV for all heaven’s sake running was a good option right now but all she could do was hold on to the watch.

She was so nervous and her friends aren’t even here to save her, she looked at them with pleading eyes and noticed she still stood in front Jessy blocking her way. “I’m sorry, i just wanted to get my watch before you could accidentally step on it”, Jessy looked down at her and saw the sparkly blue watch in the girl’s hand and wondered who she was and why she ruined her show. “you ruined my show for your cheap watch?” she asked “or is it more than that?” she continued when Meghan remained quite. “I get that you might be Dylan’s super fan and i have nothing against his fans but even if you are against us being a couple that’s okay too but you can’t just do whatever you want”. Meghan should’ve expected this but she was still in the wrong she should just apologize and leave and then it will all be over. “I’m sorry Jessy, I was only trying to save my watch, I’m not against your relationship or anything like what you said”. Jessy couldn’t believe her ears, looks like this girl had more guts then she expected. …………………….to be continued.

The kiss

Chapter 1:Back to school

part 2…………

It seemed like the air conditioners were suddenly turned on when Jessy walked in with her two friends, Bethany and Emma looking very stunning but as usual Jessy took the spotlight. Jessy was wearing a red floral dress hugging her curves tightly and showing gorgeous cleavage. Meghan always heard guys talking about how they would give up anything for a night with Jessy. Jessy is a blond with a model’s height and wore long black heels. She is a sexy model with gorgeous boobs. She is wasn’t only popular in high school but in the whole town too. She only dated really hot and popular guys since she was the mayor’s only daughter. Bethany is really pretty but most guys don’t notice her because of Jessy.

Bethany is the tallest of them all with brown curly hair and loves to wear jeans, everyone knew just how much she rocks in them. Emma is the shortest in the group, she has short brown hair dyed red at the edges. She mostly wore dresses and had the smallest figure among them. Kristine moved Judy and Meghan out of Jessy’s way. Suddenly two grown men turned up from behind them, one man held camera and speaker the other and the other holding a light. Jessy started to speak, capturing everyone’s attention. “today is the first day for everyone at school for the year and i feel awesome and I’m pretty excited about this year, i feel great things coming”,”you are totally right Jess” Bethany said “why don’t you tell everyone the big news?” Emma asked Jessy.

Someone in the crowd shouted ” what’s the big news ladies?”. Jessy smiled her cheeks filling with color. (Did she just blush on live TV?)Meghan wondered. Jessy lifted her manicured hand placing it on her cleavage, her smile widening. “come on guys, it’s not time for you to know yet” she said with half a laugh. She looked so good and her skin was flawless. Meghan was starting to wonder where Jessy spent her holiday, her skin was perfectly tan, she clearly received enough sunshine. “why not spill the beans Jess? Do you really want to disappoint your fans?”. The crowd started to question her. “do i ever disappoint you guys? oh come on!”, “Jessy and Dylan are officially a couple!”. The crowd went mute. “Dylan who?” someone asked. Meghan wondered if its the famous Dylan. Jessy acted a little surprised that Bethany announced her relationship status on live TV, but Meghan was sure this is exactly what the planned. “Dylan Mayer” Emma said. Jessy’s cheeks seem to turn dark pink , she gave a sweet chuckle. “no need to act stunned guys and Beth, Emm how could you?”………………………….to be continued


CHAPTER 1: Back to school

Finally it’s Meghan’s last year in high school , she wasn’t so excited to get back to school but when she turned and looked to her left and right , she clearly had no reason to worry. Looking at her two friends Kristine and Judy put a smile on her face. Her brown boots clicking against the floor in the hall way. Her eyes were searching over the crowd looking for her best friend , brown hair ,some blue jeans and a green back pack , those were the things that made Jon stand out in a lot of people.

She searched but no Jon at all or maybe she just couldn’t spot him out of the crowd. She exhaled loudly lifting her head a bit higher. Maybe it was her height , she wasn’t that short, she had put on a few inches in the holiday and her breast grew two bra sizes more. She felt someone tug her jacket slightly pulling her down. “Kristine” she said drawn back from her search for Jon. “who are you looking for so desperately?” Kristine asked. “maybe Meghan got herself a boyfriend in the holiday , but he is not here to surprise us yet” Judy teased. Meghan looked at her “no way” “so what’s up then?” Kristine asked. “I miss Jon so much” she said desperately.

“maybe he didn’t come” Judy said. “but we talked about it last week and he said he will be here”. “maybe he got caught up , family business perhaps” Kristine said. “with no word to me , no way”. Kristine held Meghan by her shoulders gently massaging them. “don’t worry , you don’t need to be so desperate, it’s Jon come on , if he doesn’t show up at school, he will show up at your place later”. Meghan exhaled loudly, sure Kristine was right, maybe he will show up later or call. She might be missing him like hell because its been the whole of winter since she last saw him. Meghan placed her hand on Kristine’s slightly rubbing it.”you are so right Kris, we should enjoy ourselves and first we should draw up a calendar about what we should do this year. What i mean to say is that,ladies it’s our last year in high school we should make it memorable”.

Judy grabs Meghan’s other shoulder “yep now you are making so much sense, hope all you guys saved up like we planned?” “yep we did” they all answered in unison. Just as the were talking , suddenly they see the crowd moving apart and they all knew what that meant. Meghan just rolled her eyes as the devil was about to make her grand entrance. Kristine “i’m sure if you ignore her she won’t notice you” she told Meghan. ” i swear i don’t want her attention ” “good” Judy said. …………to be continued.

The Kiss Wednesday updates

Hello everyone this is my first time having a blog so bare with me because i’m inexperienced. I just want to inform you about my first publish of the book The Kiss on Wednesday. I’m really excited to share my awesome creation with everyone out there. Please get your friends or anyone you know that likes reading books to follow my blog. Every Wednesday i will be posting about the kiss and i hope my readers enjoy it.

The Kiss

This book is about a young girl(Meghan) who falls in love with a popular star Dylan but their are from different worlds. Dylan is a boy who barely believes in love but when he meets Meghan his opinion about love is completely changed. He falls madly in love with her but will their love be able to keep them together or drive them apart. Read the breath taking love story of this two love birds as they are tested by society, family and friendship. Will their love survive the storms or will it simply breakdown .

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